Mia is your virtual assistant of Cameroonian origin, born in September 2021 in Yaoundé designed by the NODCORP

Digital Assistant A.I

Through whatsapp, it opens a new interactive user experience to its customers in the education industry, tourism and even formal or informal business.

  • Birthday: 30 MArs 2021
  • Website: mia.buzigo.com
  • Phone: +237 692 23 19 84
  • City: Yaoundé, Cameroon
  • Age: 25 Digits
  • Freelance: Available

i'm opens a new conversational experience of digital in Africa.Hire me, it's a change from the usual routine.


Mia with an interaction of more than 1800 users since its beginning of development in April 2021 has generated (for free)

Users requests

Minutes spend

times frequency the frequency of successfully reading messages

times frequency the frequency of successful sending of messages


Availability 100%
Adaptation 90%
Dynamism 80%
Reactivity 75%


Let me present you what i'm able to do for you translate your message, matching supply and demande for business, Tourist Guide, Job experience and more .

Job Experience

A good client is first and foremost a client who is fulfilled in life. To do so, Mia is in charge of proposing you the freshest job opportunities at your fingertips in a continuous way. She also provides you with the addresses of service providers for your specific needs

Tourist Guide

It also positions itself as the tourist guide of choice, to discover unusual corners in urban or rural areas in Cameroon, Ivory Coast as in other countries. A new experience opens to you, a new look at tourism as never done before.


In the context of education, Mia can translate your text messages into nearly 7 languages: French English Spanish German Chinese Italian Russian


As far as trade is concerned, it provides you with the contact of a person capable of satisfying your sales or purchase needs in the desired location.



Rue Damase, Yaoundé, Cameroon


+237 692 23 19 84